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surFAIR founders on a Summits4kids trip



Mitch Tölderer and Bibi Pekarek are currently in Ecuador joining other professional skiers on their Summits4kids adventure. Summits4kids is an NGO founded by three freeskiers: Marja Persson, Giulia Monego and Laura Bohleber. The aim is to raise money through a sport challenge and put attention on small local NGO’s working with children. This year they support Talita Kumi located in Quito working with tennage girls and young mothers in need.
Beside climbing, skiing and snowboarding giants ecuadorian volconos the athletes already visited Talita Kumi.

If you want to know more about this click on Summits4kids


at Talita Kumi

pic by Chris Figenshau



surFAIR at Sabu / video

This short video gives an impression on life at Sabu and Franz Lackners projects  which are supported by all friends of surFAIR. Mitch and Bibi filmed it during their stay at Sabu, it was edited by  Martin ‘McFly ‘.

surFAIR – Savu spot report from surfair on Vimeo.


More money raised for Sabu at the movie premier

Klaus Baumgartner is going back to Indonesia in April and he will bring the money from the movie premier „zwo tiroler wintergschichtn“  to Franz Lackner.

The Leokino in Innsbruck was full of people who all donated 4 euros via the entrance fee to surFAIR. The camera man Harry Putz was leading through the evening, interviewing the athletes, an ABS avalanche bag was drawn among the spectators and after the show a lot of people stayed to party.

For everyone who could not come to the premier – here is the whole HIKE movie online:

HiKE – A Freeride Project In The Austrian Alps from martin stoni on Vimeo.


‘Zwoa Tiroler Wintergschichtn’ movie premier for surFAIR

zwoa tiroler wintergschichtn

On the 4th of december the movie premier of two ski and snowboard freeride films is happening at the Leokino in Innsbruck. “immer höher, immer weiter” and  ”hike – a freeride mission in the austrian alps” where filmed in the tyrolean alps during the last season. The returns from the tickets will traditionally go to the projects of Franz Lackner to support the people on the Isalnd Sabu / Indonesia.

There for we draw an ABS avalanche backpack among the spectators. you can also taste Vervival organic food snacks and listen to the beats of DJ sherpa and DJ surf’n'volley.

Hope to see you there to celebrate the beginning of the winter season for a good reason!

teaser “hike- a freeride project in the austrian alps”

teaser “immer höher, immer weiter”


new pneumatic drill for Sabu

Klaus Baumgartner passed with the boat Sama-Sama by Sabu to bring Franz Lackner a pneumatic drill for building new wells. The machine was financed by Bali Surfcamp, the Rotary Club and surFAIR. The rest of the money from the last surFAIR fleamarket was handed over to Franz Lackner to support the students of Sabu.

Thanx to Mario Entero for the nice pics!


surFAIR donates 2.000 € to Tanzanian children

Thanks to our very sucessfull Prorider flea market in December, the surFAIR platform finally was able to split the proceeds to support a very interesting second project.

FONELISCO (the Foundation of New Life for Street Children and Orphans) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation striving to help the street children and orphans of Mwanza, Tanzania. FONELISCO is not affiliated with any religious or political movement and works to help children regardless of their belief or social background.

Everyone who watched Hubert Sauper’s several awards winning shocking documentary “Darwins Nightmare” knows about the situation in Mwanza City on the Tanzanian side of Lake Victoria and has seen few of the former street kids who are living now in the FONELISCO childrens home. The initiators of surFAIR got to know about this organisation through Hubert Saupers’ friends and family who are all supporting FONELISCO as good as they can.

Joseph Mabinga Elias, a social worker from Tanzania who established FONELISCO in 1997, dropped us the the following lines:

„First of all I want to thank you very much for your generous support and big heart. We have 61 children at our childrens home. Both orphans and homeless children. Their ages range between 3 to 16 years. As we are not an income generating organisation yet we do always depend on donations and gifts. We need to buy food to the orphanage and pay school fees for the children to go to secondary school. Right now we have 15 children who have been sent back from school because we have not yet paid their school fees. And we don’t have the money for all of them. Your donation of Euro 2000 will bring a great impact to the lives of the children.“

Check out the FONELISCO homepage ( to get to know more about it and watch the documertary „Darwins nightmare“ to get a feeling for the children’s situation in Mwanza and to see how urgently the money is needed!

Thanks to all surFAIR supporters!



cleanoceanproject: A good thought runs like water.

Water will find its way everywhere. It may take some time, but in the end it will pass, break through and spread. The guys from Cleanoceanproject invented a great initiative we would like to introduce you.


The people behind the Cleanoceanproject believe that everything needs its time to grow, be it a child, a plant or an idea. To watch this growth is such an satisfying experience.

The Cleanoceanproject based on Fuerteventura, started in 2000. With their positive approach they try something different, to respect nature and have a good time in the process. The goal is to protect the oceans, waves and beaches. And the Philosophy is that everybody is part of the soluton. To make it short: Do your bit. Be part of it.

Everything started with Beach Cleans on the Northshore. They invited friends to meet up and collect all sorts of litter. They handed out t-shirts and film boxes which they got from local photo shops, to put cigarette butts in.

Than they asked the local government on Fuerteventura for support, for gloves and bags. The government picked up the litter which had been collected. Since than, little by little their attitude towards nature is changing and now they keep an eye on beaches by sending out staff.

Since then many Beach Cleans have followed. Word of mouth spread, the little thought has grown slowly first among friends then it swept over to Lanzarote, the Cape Verde Islands, Maroc and even across the Atlantic to Brazil.

The result of the engagement is highly visible. The beaches are cleaner, especially on Fuerteventura. To see this is a great reward and gives hope and strength to keep on going. Thanks to all of you for your support.

For more infomation check out


Prorider Fleamarket, a success thanx to all of you!

The second edition of the prorider fleamarket by surFAIR took place last Saturday at the „Moustache“ in Innsbruck and it was a great success. Just right after putting all the gathered equipment in place, at 14:00 to the minute the crowd appeared to be the first putting their hands and eyes on the big variety of the donated gear from the pro riders. Anna and Christelle were the ideal shop ladies and managed to find new owners for nearly all of the presented goods. In return by the end of the afternoon the surFAIR cash desk got filled up with close to € 4000, which will be forwarded 100%  to Pater Franz Lackner and his projects on the little island of Sabu, Indonesia.

After the dust of the big rush disappeared and everyone found what they were looking
for, to the beats of DJ Surfn’Volley the visitors discovered the unique sculptures of the
Skeleton Sea Project (, which Xandi Kreuzeder and Isabell Ellenrieder
have been installing all morning. As well the crew of the cappuccino club (www.cappuccino- passed by to introduce their welfare snowboard-calendar project and finally
Martin McFly Winkler found the time and passion to give a little concert.

Thanks to Karim (Moustache), Xandi and Isa, Anna and Christelle and everybody else
involved. And of course many thanks to all the kind donators:
Aline Bock, Bibi Pekarek, Bernhard Brunner, Betzi Köffler, Christoph Weber-Thoresen, David Benedeck,
Christel Thoresen, Geri Schober, Flox Edenberger, Flo Örley, Flo Puritscher, Holger
Blomeier, Mike Obermeier, Mitch Tölderer, Peter Bauer, Anian Thrainer, Sani Alibabic,
McFly, Roman Rohrmoser, Florian Köfer, Taylor, Michael Freyman, Hari Richter, Andi
Prugger, Max Zipser, …

For more info about the destination of the gathered money or you want to be updated on
surFAIR activities, visit and sign up on



Prorider Fleamarket 2008 by surFAIR coming up in 2 weeks!

We like to invite you to our second edition of the surFAIR prorider fleamarket taking place at “Moustache” in Innsbruck. If you are looking for good stuff from the pros for the upcoming season it is the place to go. We are very happy to welcome Xandi Kreuzeder as special guest with his exhibition of the “Skeleton Sea” project.



the money arrived

The 2.200 Euros which were raised at the last surFAIR Party in June reached its destination. Our friend Klaus Baumgartner, skipper of the “Sama Sama” passed by the little island of Sabu to meet up with Franz Lackner and his happy pupils to hand over the money.

Photos by Alex Papis.



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